Monday, October 29, 2007


Kelli had a very fun Halloween party last Saturday. We searched for pumpkins in the yard and then carved them. I found the illustrious white pumpkin and received a stellar prize. Because my pumpkin was white, I decided to carve it into Strong Sad. It was awesome. I should probably take a picture. Matt carved a bear holding a shark. Kelli is pretty much awesome at throwing parties.

(Normally, I would insert a picture here, but blogger hates me)

We also played Guitar Hero and DDR. Unfortunately, I have discovered that Erin is not only better at Guitar Hero than me, but she can also waste me at DDR. Curse her and her superiority!

Rachel and Tim showed up near the end of the party and they looked hilarious. Tim was some old man basketball player and Rachel was a ref. Ever the life of the party, they were very entertaining. (insert pic of Rach and Tim, curse you blogger!) It was good to see them again. There is a rumor that they will be moving back to Utah. *crosses fingers*

The party was a lot of fun and a good way to celebrate Halloween. Kelli did a really good job even though she had to live up to Becky and Natalie Halloween parties of years past. For the actual Halloween this year, Matt and I will be very boring. We are going to stay at home and give candy to trick-or-treaters. I have never actually done this before. Usually, I skip that bit and go and play on Halloween. But, this year we have a house and stuff and Halloween is on a week night. We will probably just watch a scary movie or play a lot of Zelda. I love my Wii.


Jenni Blaser said...

Curse you and your Wii! I want to play your Wii! Actually, I want my own Wii.... *sad*

Brother said...

Ummm, I've been turned into a cow...can I go home?

Sarah said... may not go home. Guess what I did on Halloween?! I worked! And then I lazed about my apartment alone! And then I watched the Grudge 2 with the guys in apartment 5 and Adam made the snuggle moves on me! My life is phenomenally strange, ne pas?

Brother said...

I sat in a hotel in Palm Springs.

Yeah for business trips?

Becky said...

Hotels are lame! Why for you have to be so lame Mike?