Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

This weekend was a busy one. Busy because I am cleaning and prepping and shopping and cooking and testing for a certain awesome party that is to happen next weekend. I must be prepared!

We went shopping Friday night for a bunch of Walmart stuff that we needed and spent way more at Walmart than we usually do. But, that is what we get for putting off a Walmart trip for a month. We drove all the way out to the Lindon Walmart, even though the Orem Walmart is just 7 minutes from our house because the Orem Walmart is kinda lame. It has a weird smell, it is always dirty, it is always crowded and it seems to never have the items stocked that we are shopping for. Whoever is in charge of inventory and stocking should be fired because they suck at it. So, whenever we have the time, we go the 15 minutes out to Lindon to shop at their superior Walmart. They had Gaterade blue in the powder and I was so excited that we bought two. I love that stuff.

Shopping took up almost all of our Friday night and Matt did homework the rest of the night like the good student that he is. He is so diligent about his homework. I don't remember working as hard as he does when I was in college. This is perhaps because I was single and carefree and thought college was lame but necessary. Except when I went to college in Hawaii. That was a lot less lame.

On Saturday, I did a lot of cleaning and made Matt do chores too. I can't wait for the kids to grow up so that I can make them do chores as well. Then I can be the chores enforcer. Saturday night, we had DJ and his girl over and I tested out my recipe that I am going to use for the Iron Chef party this week. I'm not going to tell what I made, but the test run was a good idea. Now I can tweek and refine and make it even better. I may not win, I never have before, but I love to try and win! Someday I may be an pretend Iron Chef, you don't know!

Sunday was our veg day. I was extremely tired, Matt was extremely tired (from a little boy who woke up crying 5 times in the night because his poor little mouth hurt). So, we went to church and then we were the laziest parents that you ever did saw. We vegged out downstairs, turned on Toy Story 3 and let the kids watch and play and go wild while we attempted to nap. Then, I realized that I had to actually be a parent and cook dinner and I so wished that I didn't have to! It was one of those days where I wish we had dinner plans just so I didn't have to cook. But, I was a good mom and made spaghetti (perhaps the easiest dinner ever) and fed my hungry family.

And that was our busy weekend. Sure it doesn't sound all that busy, but it surely felt busy. I feel exhausted after such a weekend. Definitely not rested like a should be feeling. But that is perhaps because I took the day off of work yesterday to take care of my kids and taking care of kids is exhausting. It is way more work than going to work. But, I will report on yesterdays events tomorrow... hopefully. If I actually upload the pics from my camera, then I will report on Nicole's newest dentist adventure.


Marie said...

Maybe I should do a test run on my dish.....nah. I'll just wing it. I usually win anyway :)

Sarah said...

Uhg. Don't remind me that I can't come to your birthday party. It's sheer torture this year.