Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Stupid Silver Dollar

Many times I am sitting at work, minding my own business, writing intensely and working hard, when suddenly my sweet tooth starts to talk to me.

"Becky, hey! You know what sounds good? One of those delicious pink cookies out of the vending machine. Or, maybe one of those pack of donuts? Come on, I want something!"

I try to ignore this voice and continue my work until it annoys me so much that I rip open my desk drawer and start looking through my change. I find a quarter, rush over to the vending machine, contemplate and make my selection, put my quarter in the slot and stop. My quarter doesn't fit. I shove and twist and push and inspect the coin slot and the coin still doesn't fit.

I finally look at my coin and it is a stupid Susan B Anthony silver dollar! Frustrated and craving sweet even more, I go back to my desk, check my coin purse and there are no other quarters. I am left frustrated with my sweet tooth yelling at me, so I put my dollar back in my wallet and go back to work, craving!

A few days go by and I once again feel the craving hit. I have forgotten all about my last debacle and I go to my wallet, pull out a quarter only to discover, once again that it is that stupid silver dollar! I just keep pulling it out of my wallet thinking it is a quarter and it isn't. I have got to get rid of this thing! But, the change machine doesn't take it and I just don't know how to get rid of this thing. Throwing it away seems like a waste, but all I want is four quarters in exchange for this useless coin.

Right now it is sitting on my desk as a reminder that it isn't a quarter and will not fulfill my cookie cravings. Curse you silver dollar who is not a quarter!


Marie said... cookie and pack of donuts....mmmmm. Reminds me of our Makau days.

Laura said...

Have you thought of taking Susan B. Anthony to the store to get change? I'm just saying....