Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chipped Tooth Update!

On Tuesday, Matt took Nicole back in to the dentist to see what we could do about the chipped tooth whose filling fell off. I am glad that I didn't go to this appointment because I could not have handled it. The dentist looked at the tooth and decided that he could fix it right then and there; no sedation, no NOS, no nothing. Matt decided to go ahead and let him do it because we are both very tired of this tooth fiasco. My guess is that the dentist did not want to incur more costs, so he wanted to just do it.

Matt and some assistants held Nicole down and the doctor went in to fix the tooth. Nicole was not happy and she cried and she fought and she bit the dentist twice (and drew blood), but the tooth did get fixed. I am glad that the tooth is fixed, but I never would have been able to hold her down while she cried and fought to get the tooth fixed. The tooth looks good. I hope that this saga is over for the time being.

Initial Chip

Fixed Chip

Chip after the filling fell off

Chip fixed again


Marie said...

Poor girl. I'm afraid it is the first of msny dentist appointments for her.

Deanne said...

Oh man. I really hope it's fixed for good. I'm sorry about all of the tooth drama.