Friday, February 24, 2012

He's a Climbin Climbin Climbin Climbin Boy!

Dan loves to climb on the lovesac. He will crawl up the lovesac, get into standing position against the wall and look at me with triumph in his face, like he has climbed a mountain and wants praise. But,then, he loses his balance and will often roll down the lovesac and start crying. Mountains can be dangerous.

Dan also loves climbing the lovesac because he can then reach the dvds on the bottom shelf. I tell him, "No, no Dan," which only makes him smile like he is getting away with something and then he tries harder to get the dvds off the shelf. Little rascal!

Even though he falls and tries to pull dvds off the shelf, I am still proud of him for climbing his mountain. He is such a big boy!


Marie said...

What a big boy! They love it when they think they are being mischievious.

Sarah said...

Super cute! He's getting so big.