Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tooth Drama Completed?

Yesterday, Nicole went in for what was hopefully the last of our tooth drama. The second filling on her tooth fell off again, two days after she got the filling. But, then we all got sick with colds and Nicole got pink eye, so we had to wait a week before we could take her back in to the dentist.

So, Matt took her in yesterday to the dentist. They did the oral sedation with her again and it did not take as well as it did last time. Last time, she was very loopy and weak, but Matt reported that this time she was a fighter. She fought the medicine, fought the dentist and Matt had to hold her down during the procedure. This is perhaps because her last trip to the dentist was a little traumatic for her.

Matt and the dentist decided that instead of doing a filling this time, they would put a cap on the tooth. The cap makes the tooth a little bigger than her other front teeth and it is a lot wider. She won't have a sharp edge on that tooth for biting her food, but, hopefully, it will stay on.

Once they got the cap on, the dentist needed to take the plastic film off of the tooth, but Nicole was just not having any of that. She was really upset by this point, so Matt just told the dentist to leave the plastic on. We will get the plastic off when she goes in for her follow up appointment in 6 months.

So, this hopefully concludes the drama of the chipped tooth. We still have her on plastic utensils and we have to remind her all the time not to chew on hard things.

Yesterday was a difficult day for my little Nicole but she really was very tough about it. I don't think she will ever want to go back to the dentist though.


Marie said...

Did she get another toy?

Laura said...

Hopefully her memory of the experience will fade and she will go to the dentist again and have a more pleasant experience.

Sarah said...

Well I hope the whole thing is finally over and done with. What a pain in the tush.