Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tooth Update

Nicole went in to the dentist this morning, all drugged up and was given the NOS and it did not stop the wiggles. She wiggled and got very silly and did NOT like the drill or the dentist in her mouth and the dentist was unable to  fix the cavities or the front tooth.

I wasn't actually there, but Matt said that it was ridiculous. So, 100 dollars later, we were told that we would have to go to a REAL pediatric dentist. The dentist we went to said they did pediatric dentistry, but they also do family dentistry, so they are apparently ill equipped to sedate young children. Ugh! Why did they even say they could treat Nicole if they obviously couldn't?

So, I called an ACTUAL pediatric dentist and made sure that they could sedate a two year old in order to fill a cavity and fix a chipped tooth. Nicole goes into tomorrow for a consult and then we will make ANOTHER appointment to actually work on the teeth. This is turning out to be an expensive and time consuming process.

If she still can't sit still with an oral sedation that the pediatric dentist does, then we have to take her to a medical center where they can actually put her under to fix her tooth. We definitely don't want to do that because it is very very expensive. So, here is hoping that the oral sedation works.


Answer to Many said...

Dry creek ped dentist in Lehi. Or children's corner in London. Do general anesthesia in office tons cheaper. I like children's corner better than dry creek. But both are ok. I hated dr Howell on 8 th north in Orem he was horrible!

Lisa said...

Poor baby girl. I hope someone can get it fixed soon so it doesn't get worse. And that's a good move: taking away the metal forks and going back to plastic ones.

Marie said...

Listen to Andrea, (the first comment) she knows everything!