Thursday, January 05, 2012

Slumber Party

Momma Kimball called us last night and told us that sewage was backing up into her laundry room in her house. This is not the first time that this has happened and it is super gross. But, the city and the plumber could not come out to fix it until the morning since it was happening at 6pm in the evening.

So, Matt went and got Mom and brought her (and Sheena) back to our house for the night. No one wants to sleep in a house that smells like sewage. Nicole was very excited that Grandma and Sheena were sleeping over. She went a little maniac and started chasing the dog around the house and squealing with joy. Getting her to calm down enough to go to bed was challenging.

I'm still fighting a cold and so I was a little drugged with cold medicine and just went to bed early. I'm glad that we have a hide-a-bed that guests can stay on when we do have guests. Hopefully, Momma Kimball's house will get cleaned out today so that she doesn't have sewage house.

And, hopefully, they fix whatever plumbing problem is causing sewage to come up through the floor drain.


Jasmine said...

Oh yuck! We had sewage back up into our showers a couple of times when we lived Las Vegas. It was disgusting. The first time they told us that the cause was probably tree roots that had grown into the pipe. But the second time, when it also started backing up outside our front door from the main line, they discovered that one of our neighbors had been flushing baby wipes. Blocked up the main line for the whole building (8 condos). It was so gross!! I hope they can get her pipes fixed soon. That's no fun to deal with.

Deanne said...

Slumber parties are always fun! Slumber parties as a result of sewage may be a little less fun, and I hope they get the problem taken care of soon.

Lisa said...

Yay for time with grandma. That's good of you guys to house them for a bit while the problem gets fixed.