Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow Day

Last week we had like one day where it snowed and we took advantage of the snow and went into the backyard to play. Nicole LOVES the snow and everytime it snows she gets really excited and asks to go sledding. We didn't go sledding on this day, but we did venture into the backyard. The snow was kinda frozen on top, but Nicole still enjoyed it.

Dan came out in the snow too, but he mostly sat in the stroller and watched Nicole romp around. But, after a little while he started fussing because he was cold, so I got to snuggle him close to keep him warm. I love baby snuggles.

Nicole thought that a fun snow game would be to put snow in the sled. But, with her mittens on, it was a slow going process.

It was just so fun to watch her play in the snow with her Daddy. Matt thought it would be a good idea to start a snow ball fight with Nicole. But, once Nicole started playing this game, she didn't want to stop throwing snow on Daddy.

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Marie said...

Wow, that would take a long time to fill a sled with snow, one mitten handfull at a time.