Thursday, January 12, 2012


Last night, Nicole asked me if her teeth were bones. I told her that they were. Then, she asked me if she had other bones.

I don't know many of the names of bones because I never did take anatomy, so I told her some of the bones that I knew (skull, ribs, femur, ect...) Nicole was very interested. She repeated all of the names of the bones, even the ones that are hard to say (metatarsels).

Then, Nicole asked me, "Mommy, does sheep have bones?" Referring to her stuffed sheep who we usually call Lambikins. I told her that if Lambikins was real, she would have bones too. Then she asked with sadness in her voice, "Lambikins isn't real?" Which I had to back pedal quickly and respond, "Lambikins is real, she is just is stuffed and doesn't have bones."

I put Nicole to bed and a little while later, Nicole came out with her Minnie Mouse and asked, "Does Minnie have bones too?" This smart girl just kept thinking about our bone conversation and had to know which of her toys had bones and which didn't. So stinkin smart!


Marie said...

Lambikins isn't real?! And Lambikins is a girl? I thought he was a boy.

That girl is so smart!

Laura said...

What a smart girl! How did she even know what bones were?