Thursday, January 19, 2012

1st Tooth... or Teeth

So, while I was gone visiting Sarah, Dan got his first tooth. In fact, he got his first two teeth. His first two teeth are the bottom center teeth, which is a lot more normal than Nicole who got the top right front tooth for her first tooth and it looked super weird.

I couldn't snag a picture of the teeth because he keeps them nice and hidden. I can barely see them myself. Every time I put my finger on his bottom lip to see the tooth, he sticks out his tongue to lick my finger.

I'm sad that I missed his first tooth. I feel like I miss a lot of stuff because I work and then I missed this because I took a trip. That's it, no more trips. I'm staying with my kids to maximum amount of time that I can.

Also, I love Dan in these pajamas because his big belly sticks out and he looks so stinking cute.

Dan is a pretty fussy face because teeth make babies all dramatic. But, he really is handling it a lot better than Nicole ever did. Dan is still a happy boy even though he is teething. He just doesn't want to eat and drools and has a runny nose. I love my baby boy!


Marie said...

Nice belly shirt. Yay for teeth, but boo for teething.

Laura said...

Aren't you glad that teething only lasts for so long. When they get their second set of teeth, they don't drool and have runny noses. When we all loose our second set of teeth we go back to drooling. Ahhhh, the circle of life.