Friday, June 19, 2009

Nicole Pictures

So, after posting about myself last time, I decided it was time to return to Nicole. So, this is my Nicole picture post.

Here is Nicole in her new dress that Grandma Kimball gave to her. It is almost too small for her, so I'm glad that I put her in it before she grew out of it.

Nicole does not smile when the camera is on her. And, you will notice the burp cloth behind her head because she likes to play spit ups while she is laying on Mommy and Daddy's bed. I think she knows how much we like spit ups on our bed.

The other day I fohawked her hair while we were sitting on the bed together. She didn't really want to smile for the camera, but she did make all sorts of weird faces. Two of her faces are featured here.

Here is Nicole in another dress that Grandma Kimball gave to her. It is yellow and pretty.

This is what happens when Daddy changes Nicole's diaper.

Bath time! Nicole is still loving her bath time and she gets better and better at making sure that she doesn't dunk herself. She hasn't figured out toys in the bath yet, but that is because she is still trying to figure out how to use her hands. All she can do right now is get them to her mouth to suck on.

And yes, I have a very chunky baby.


Jasmine said...

I love the fohawk!

I had a burp cloth under Alexis' head a lot, too. It'll save a lot of laundry. :)

Marie said...

Baby boobs!

Jenni Elyse said...

She's so cute! I love her facial expressions. And, chunky babies are cute!

Sarah said...

Heh, I like the fauxhawk, it should become a regular hairdo.

Laura said...

I never get tired of Nicoley pictures. She is so cute. The fauxhawk is a new trend!