Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Mobile!

We got a new mobile!

So, I finally got a mobile for Nicole's crib. It plays Beethoven, Bach, and some guy who's name starts with a 'C.' It also plays Nature sounds and Womb sounds. It also projects cartoon animal pictures into the canopy. And, it comes with a remote control, so I can turn it on and off from bed without having to get up. I love it!

When I first showed Nicole the mobile, she was a little confused. But, after a little while of looking at it, she really likes it. It is nice because I can set her in her bed to play and she has a good time.
At night, I turn on the womb sounds and she settles down and goes to sleep. I love the new mobile. But, despite all the money that I spent on the mobile, Nicole still loves the ceiling fan more. She laughs and smiles and babbles at the fan every time I set her down on my bed. Oh well.


Laura said...

Silly mommy, mobiles aren't for kids!

Sarah said...

You should just turn on the fan every night. Problem solved!

Jasmine said...

Just like a baby--you buy them something expensive, and they always end up going back to the non-toy. For Alexis, it's the TV remote.

Jenni Elyse said...

Once she gets even older and you buy her even more expensive toys, she'll love paper, newspaper, and magazines more.