Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Blessing!

Nicole was blessed last Sunday, June 7th. It was really an unexplainably happy moment to see/hear my husband bless our daughter. The power and gift of the priesthood is a wonderful gift given to us. It was heart warming and beautiful to hear a blessing given to my daughter from my Heavenly Father through my husband. I don't remember everything that was said, but I do know that Nicole is one lucky little girl.

We borrowed a blessing dress from my sister-in-law Jill for the blessing. I considered buying my own, but they are really expensive and she only wore it for 2 hours. She looked really beautiful in the dress though.

It is the same dress the my nieces Amara and Keira wore when they were blessed. It is all long and flowey and completely impractical for any extended period of time. It was difficult to even hold Nicole while she was wearing it because it was all long and slippery. But, she bore it well and tried to eat the dress multiple times.

I put her in the dress right before we went to church and quickly got some pictures of her in it with the afghan that I made for her. Unfortunately, I made the blanket before she was born and didn't realize how impractically big the blanket is. It is way to big to wrap Nicole in and becomes more of a hinderance than a help. So, it is just a backdrop for pictures for now.

I got a picture of me and Nicole because I don't have many of those. She looks better in this pic than she did in the previous pic of me and her. I keep telling her to raise her chin to hide the double/tripple chin that she is sporting.

After the blessing, we had everyone come over to our house for some food. I did not realize that sooo many people like us. We had almost 60 people in our little home. All the seats were taken, AND there was barely any room to stand. So, most people were standing while eating.

We made three pork roasts in the crock pot and pulled the pork and added BBQ sauce so that we would have little pulled pork sandwiches. Anne, Marie, and my Mom all brought salads too, and I made a fruit salad, so I thought that we would have plenty of food. But, I didn't count on the number of people showing up that did. I didn't even get to taste some of the salads because I was slow to go and get food.

Mom and Dad Kimball came down from Washington for the blessing and stayed with us. It was wonderful to have them here. We miss them a lot and it stinks that they live so far away. It makes me grateful when they come and it makes me grateful for having my family so close by.

Grandma and Grandpa Kimball also came for the blessing from St. George. We didn't expect them, but we were glad that they were able to make the trip up. We hardly ever get to see them and we love it when they are here. We will get to see them again in July for the Kimball family reunion.

The blessing went really well and it was good to see everyone. It was just crazy to see everyone at one time. The children got a little crazy in our basement during the party and Benner and Carlitos pulled our curtains out of the wall.


Jasmine said...

What a beautiful blessing dress! I'm glad I got to see you and finally meet Matt and Nicole. :)

Sarah said...

Nicoley is SO CUTE in her blessing dress. She's so cute always though. Gotta love that baby.

Jenni Elyse said...

Nicole looks really cute in her blessing dress. I love the picture of her eating the dress. You did a really good job on her afghan. I understand about the impratically big. That happened with an afghan I made for my niece's blessing. I'm so happy my little grasshopper (you) is growing up! ;)