Monday, January 29, 2007

Is This Thing On?

I must be getting really boring because I've posted twice in the past week and a half and I only got four comments. It is truly a sad moment when one realizes that their life is not in the least entertaining.
I wish that I were quippy like Justin, then I think that people would listen to me, or they would at least make fun of me. Justin always seems to get the most comments off of his comments on my blog and it must be because of his quippiness or his strangeness.
Maybe I should be extremely sarcastic like Baby. Then people would think me funny and would laugh or be offended by most everything that I say. If I offend people, they will like me. I know this because Baby is so popular.
I know, I'll write everything and then caption (monotone) next to everything. It works for Marie when she is speaking, so I figure it can't be too different in print. People will respect me and believe what I say if I'm all monotone. Just look at Ben Stein, everyone thinks that he is really smart and it is because he speaks in a monotone voice, I just know it. Marie is a clever one she is!
Or, I can be completely random and make up words and write them randomly on my blog like Mike does. What does Dar mean really? Besides "to give." Of course, Mike's randomness does not get him comments. I should abandon being like Mike right.....Now!
I should just write about things that apply more to my blog viewers. Right now I'm all wedding and Matt and everything and none of my blog viewers care because they are neither a wedding nor Matt. Except for Matt who is Matt, but his commenting is seldom if ever.
That brings me to the purpose of a blog, or my blog to be more specific. Is the blog for me to spill my rantings, my ravings, my thoughts and events in my life? Or is it here to entertain and put on a show for others, hoping that I can gain the most attention of all the bloggers?
I would like to think that with the shanty amount of blog viewers that I have, the blog must be just for me.
Although, despite the low numbers of attendance of my blog viewers, they all seem to be very dedicated to me and my blog. This must mean that they really like me and care about my life. Or they are really bored and can't find something better to surf on the net.
Either way, I'm going to continue to put my words out there, even if there is no one to listen because I like to think that I am important and/or interesting.


Drew said...

maybe you should get on then you could post messages and everyone would know when you post and you can share photos and be know what all your friends are doing all the time. Its pretty cool

Sarah said...

Don't do it Baby! Facebook is on an evil rampage to try and overthrow all other blog things. I'm stirctly against it since everyone seems to be strictly for it... I think you should not try to be other people, though other people are wacky, popular, or get...respect(?) you are the one and only Baby (other than me that is) and being yourself has worked for you thus far neh?

Mc said...

Ummm, if you're writing only for comments, then write the things that everyone will /bump for or write the most contreversial things that everyone will /flame for.

That's how you get comments.

I don't care about comments. All I care about is my art. Coming soon.

Marie said...

Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis (monotone)?

Goddess said...

Yes, this is Fairy Godmother. I'm either not at my desk or with a client, but if you stop by the office, we'd be glad to give you a personal appointment. Have a Happy Ever After

Becky said...

Alas that I don't have "art" like Mike does. I will just have to settle for the words that I spew out on this blog. And comments don't define my blog, they simple boost the potential of the blog. They give me confidence that someone is reading and may or may not care.

Marie is so smart.

Marie said...

You forgot to add "(monotone)" after the "Marie is so smart."

Marie is so smart (monotone).

Then people know you are being sarcastic.

Goddess said...

HP and the DH 7/21!