Friday, August 07, 2009

To Vegas to Vegas to buy a fat Pig

So, last week Sarah was suppose to go to Vegas with her boyfriend, Mom, and Bill. But, the boyfriend bailed the day of. We will not give reasons nor names to protect the not so innocent. So, Nicole and I took the place of he who must not be named and we packed up and went to Vegas!

It was a nice relaxing trip with not too much going on. This was only due to the fact that Bill was working. Had Bill been available, I'm sure we would have gone and done a lot more stuff. He does not like to waste time on vacations.

Nicole did surprisingly well on the drive down because we left near her bed time, so she slept for like 4 hours of the trip. The drive back was a different story. It was in the middle of the day when she is really fussy and she was not happy about sitting in her carseat for six hours. But, we survived! It was the longest trip that she has been on thus far. I'm sure that it will be even more difficult to travel with her when she is older, so I must enjoy this time while it lasts.

Our first day in Vegas, we lounged around because it was 115 degrees outside. I don't know who would ever want to live in that desert! It was so blazing hot that I thought the baby would get heat stroke from being outside too long. So, the only thing that we did that day was go to an indoor outlet mall. Mom bought Nicole a new swimming suit because she has grown out of the one that Grandma Kimball bought her. Mom also bought Nicole some clothes for winter. It was fun to just shop with Mom and Sarah for a little while. Then, Nicole got tired and didn't want to ride in the stroller anymore and wanted to be held forever. Those are the times when I wish that I had brought my baby carrier.

That night, we took Nicole swimming in the outdoor pool at the condo we were staying at. They had really cool pools with sand on the bottom so you feel like you are in a real ocean. Except that even at 8pm at night, it was still 100 degrees outside!
Nicoley seemed to like the pool. She handled it a lot better than the last time we took her swimming. She accidently dunked her face in the water though and then she was done with swimming.
The next day we went to the Belagio to look at the newest flower exihibit and then we went to the Venetian to look at the canal shops. Nicole didn't care much about the Belagio, but she loved the lights in the canal shops. She kept staring at the ceiling that is painted like the sky. I wish I had pictures of this, but alas, my camera battery died. You will have to visit Sarah's blog if she ever posts.

Our last day we decided to go and see a movie because that is an indoor activity. It was Nicole's first movie theater experience. We saw a matenee, so there was only one other person in the theater, which was good so that I could tend to Nicole and not feel too bad while she cooed at the screen. She did surprisingly well during the movie. Too bad that the movie wasn't very good. I don't recommend The Proposal.

It was a fun little trip and I'm glad I went. Unfortunately, I am still trying to get Nicole back on schedule.


Jenni Elyse said...

You didn't like The Proposal? I thought it was hilarious and Ryan Reynolds is so hot! It was the shower scene that did it for you, huh?

I'm glad you had a good time in Vegas. Nicole looks cute in her new swimsuit as do you in your G3 T-shirt. ;)

Jasmine said...

Sounds like you had fun! I love the new swimming suit! I'd like to say that car trips get easier, but alas, I would be stretching the truth. Alexis does pretty well, but once they get older, they get more antsy in the carseat more quickly. We've discovered that night-time driving is best because she'll sleep the whole way.

I'm impressed that she handled the movie theatre well! Nice, calm baby. :)