Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Fun Week

Well, this week was a pretty fun week. But, alas I don't currently have any pictures of my adventures because my camera ran out of batteries and I didn't bother to buy new ones. So, all my pics are on my camcorder and I haven't figured out how to get them onto my computer yet.

Last Saturday, Matt, Nicoley and I went with Anne and Carlos to the Bean museum. We were suppose to go to the dinosaur museum at BYU, but it was closed, so the dead animal museum it was. Nicole was not impressed by the animals, but Carlitos and Lucy had a blast.

Tuesday, we went to the actual dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point with Anne and Carlos. It was 2 dollar tuesdays and it was PACKED! I probably would never go again on a tuesday. Way too crowded, thereby making it less fun. Nicoley was again not impressed by the dead animals.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Nicole and I got to make lunch for Johnny and Krista. Krista was stressed with finals this week, so I volunteered to do lunches for them. I had to come up with healthy, nondairy foods because they are on a specific diet.

On Thursday, Nicoley and I went up to my Mom's house to scrapbook a little. I usually scrapbook with my Mom or Jill, but they are very busy, so I went by myself. Nicoley was tolerant for about two hours and then she had had enough of scrapbooking. But, I enjoyed myself. Strangely, there was no door on the house when I went there. I hope they have found a door since then.

Friday, we went to the pool with Jake and Jill. It was fun to just sit in the shallows with Nicole and enjoy the pool. We tried to avoid all crazy splashing children because Nicole does not like water on her face. It was fun to watch Jake go down the big slides with his kids. What a riot! We didn't swim long because Nicole is only tolerant of the water, she doesn't really like it.

Friday night Matt and I finally got out after Nicole went to bed and we went bowling. I have discovered that I am a terrible bowler and Matt is pretty good. We played four games and I never broke 100. But, it was fun to be out on our own for an hour. Kristy watched the babes while we were out and she woke up after we left, had a blowout and cried for 45 minutes. I didn't leave her with milk because I didn't think that Nicole would wake. She usually sleeps really well. Poor Kristy! She was a trooper though and didn't even call us frantic.

Today is Saturday and we plan to go to a family BBQ here's hoping that my fun week survives.

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Laura said...

Your week was almost as busy as mine and a lot more fun. I wish I could have scrapbooked with you. Maybe when things calm down a bit for me.