Monday, July 20, 2009

Kimball Family Reunion

This last weekend, Matt, Nicole, and I packed up and drove down to St. George for the Kimball Family Reunion. Matt's grandparents live in St. George and put together a reunion for all the Kimball family. Matt got work off on Friday and we left early in the morning after Nicole's first feeding. Nicole did surprisingly well on the trip. She slept most of the way and we only had to stop once to feed her. I'm so glad that she travels well! I feared that she would be upset the whole trip. Luckily, St. George is not that far away.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn where the event was being held. They had an indoor/outdoor pool. We decided that it was a good opportunity to take Nicole swimming.

It was difficult getting her into the little swim diapers. They are tight little diapers that you slip on. But, I got her into it.

Momma Kimball bought her a little swimsuit. She searched for a long time for one small enough and it turned out to be a little too small. She looked like she was in a little wrestling outfit. But, it worked and she looked cute.
She wasn't really sure what was going on when we took her out to the pool, but Daddy was excited!
When we first put her in, she did not like it and kept struggling, but eventually she just looked at the water with confused looks. No crying, which I count as a success.

We stayed inside most of the time, but Matt took her outside once and she flailed because it was sunny and the sun is her worst enemy.
I got her out of the pool eventually and she was happy to be held by Momma.
I was really excited about her first swim. I wanted to take her to the pool again, but we never got the chance.
Most of our meals during the reunion were at a church not far from the hotel. We tried to pawn off Nicole on relatives, but she cried every time. She has figured out when Mommy and Daddy are not holding and has decided that she doesn't like it. Sigh* It made for very tired Mommy arms because she wouldn't let others hold her.
Though Momma Kimball tried many times, Nicole cried every time she held her. I guess she is just very particular.
Matt invented a new game where he teaches Nicole to pull his hair. Now she wants to pull my hair too. I don't think that I like this game.
One of the best parts about St. George is that it has an In and Out. I had never been and Matt insisted that we go. So, we went and I foolishly ordered a single patty cheesburger. Then, I realized that I should have ordered a Double Double. So, we had to sneak out during the reunion to go again.
Here is us at In and Out. It was really yummy. More yummy than I thought that it would be.
Matt takes In and Out very seriously.

It was a great trip! We got to see all the Kimball Clan and played lots of games and had fun. I'm really glad that we went. I'm also very glad to be home and get back to our normal schedule.


Jenni Elyse said...

I love all of Nicole's faces. She's so funny. She looks really cute in her swimsuit too. I'm glad you guys had a good time.

I tried In-N-Out Burger for the first time at T3. The burger was very good. The fries were okay, but I'm not sure why everyone thinks they're the best ever.

Jasmine said...

I'm glad Nicole handled the trip well for you. Alexis spent so much time in the car the first few months of her life (with all the trips back and forth to Utah and the move to Vegas and all the traveling we've done since) that she has no problem with trips now--so there's a bit of unsolicited advice for you. ;)

How fun that you got to take her swimming! Alexis has a very similar suit--baby swimming suits are so cute!

Joel shares Matt's affections for In-N-Out, so it's a regular stop of ours. He was psyched to find out they were finally expanding into Utah--apparently they're building one in Draper, so you'll get to go more often. :)

Looks like a good trip! I love family reunions!

Sarah said...

Nicoley loves me....but sometimes she realizes you went to the bank and that I"m trying to get her to stop making yelling noises with a pacifier...and then she loves me a little less.

Rebecca Susan said...

That swimsuit is so cute! She looks so much like you, but in miniature form, of course. I hear ya on the tired arms--we've finally just started leaving our little Kylie with grandparents and letting her cry until she decides its OK, 'cause she thinks no one but momma will do half the time.

Congratulations on your first In-N-Out experience. But you should be warned that it is somewhat addictive. Be careful or you will be searching for excuses to drive to St. George.

Becky said...

Apparently, I don't know how to spell In N Out. I'm the worst! I miss it already. Hopefully, that one in Draper gets built soon.

Marie said...

You're addicted already?! Maybe I should never go there for that reason.

Coley O did look like a little wrestler in her too-tiny swimsuit, but I think it works for her.

Marie said...

How is Nicole's head so perfectly round?