Monday, October 03, 2016


I started watching Smallville today during my instituted quiet time. Matt bought me all the seasons back when I was pregnant with the twins and bed ridden, but I didn't get a chance to watch them as the babies came a week before my scheduled C-section. So, they have been sitting on my shelf, gathering dust and being neglected while I run around chasing two 2-year-old boys, trying to keep them from killing themselves. But, in an effort to give back to me, I am watching them.

Watching them brings me back to the days of my youth, the days of Yor, days of Yon, Days of Future Past (fun fact, I named the twins after I saw that movie for the first time). Smallville started when I was in high school and it holds a nostalgia for me of those days where TV was the most important thing in my life (sad I know, but I was a teenager). I used to love Tuesday nights where I would sack out in front of the TV for Smallville and Buffy. When I lived in the dorms, I had to get in the TV room thirty minutes before my show so that I could claim dibs on picking the station. Oh, those were the days.

I love Smallville because it was the first of the "superhero" shows to make it's debut in this century. It was innocent and fun and plot driven and heart wrenching and wrapped me up in a world that was beyond my own for 45 whole minutes before I came back to reality. My good friend, Lisa, only knew me as "smallville" for months because she only knew me as the girl from the dorm who insisted that all must watch Smallville in the dorm one night a week. (she did eventually learn my name and we became friends, moved back to Utah together, lived together for a year, and she was my bridesmaid for my wedding. So, you could say that Smallville brought us together.) Now, there are like 7 super hero shows on TV (Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Gotham, Flash, Jessica Jones, Green Arrow...I feel like I am missing one) and I watch none of them because they all are a sub par variety of what Smallville once was.

And so, I am venturing into the 10th and final season of Smallville and it can only be described as EPIC!!! I am remembering why I loved tv so much, it used to be awesome. Now, it is mildly entertaining, but not the amazing thing that it once was. Luckily, I have four children and a husband that keep me entertained and TV is not the center of my obsession any more. But I lament for awesome television and Tom Welling shirtless (don't tell Matt!).


Marie said...

Smallville was something that Anthon and I loved watching together every week, but I can't really stand to watch it anymore. It's cheesy and predictable. But we loved it back in the days of yore!

Laura said...

We all have TV shows of our youth that we loved, that bring back memories and nostalgia of a time when life was less complicated and easier. I loved to watch Saturday morning cartoons, I Love Lucy and Walt Disney's Wonderful World of color (we were the first family on our street to get a color TV.)