Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Matt!

Matt birthday was on the 8th of this month and he is fairly anti-birthday. He does not like attention brought to him, he does not love birthday parties, and he always just wants to be with us on his birthday. So, instead of a party for Matt, I decided to take him on a date (a rare event for us) and to make him an extravagant pastry (because he is not a big fan of cake).

So, I got a sitter and we went out to our favorite restaurant that we do not go to that often because it is pricey and we are usually towing around four kids. We went to Carrabbas for dinner and it was delicious and I had missed it so very much. Three words: Pollo Rosa Maria. I did not take pictures of dinner... because I am lame.

Then, we went to McCords farm in Provo and we played zombie paintball with a bunch of 14 year old kids. Yes, you heard right, zombie paintball; where we rode a tractor and shot glow in the dark paintballs at zombie actors for 18 dollars a person. It was way over priced for what you actually get, but it was a fun treat for us to get out and do something fun and new.

Zombie paintball definitely made me feel old as there were all these kids there. I remember being young and going to the Haunted Forest back when my friends and I were like 15. I don't remember being just dropped off places when I was that young though; my friends and I always had a parental chaperone. But, now that I am older, haunted houses do not have the allure that they did when I was a kid. They are not scary to me, and even if they were, I do not like scaring myself. I remember being young and enjoying the thrill of being scared by a haunted house or a roller coaster, but now that I am in my thirties, I do not like the feeling of being scared. I am worried for my kids all the time and I see the realities and horrors that can happen in the world and I am much happier getting a thrill from seeing my twin pee on the toilet for the first time, or Dano try and do a handstand, or Nicole draw me a pikachu complete with shading, or Logan say, "Mama, all done." I think that there are so many thrills in everyday life that make life entertaining and amazing.

Side tracked again! I really have missed writing, so I may get side tracked at times before I get back on track to what I am actually posting about. So, I picked a dessert off of Matt's favorite blog, . And even though it doesn't use wild yeast, I felt it was a large endeavor that Matt would love. I made the dough the night before, then spent three hours the day of shaping, rising, assembling and baking it and it came out oh so pretty. It is really the prettiest thing I have ever baked and it was delicious. I am never making a tart with anything but brioche as the crust because it was awesome.

Because the dough recipe was so large (so you don't waste any of your can of pumpkin puree) I had a ton of dough left over, so I made these pumpkin brioche cinnamon rolls with the extra dough. They were not as delicious as the tart, but they were sweet and yummy. We had an excess of them though, so I sent a bunch to work with Matt and they were devoured in seconds. Matt thinks it is really hot when I bake him things from scratch. Oh yeah, win one for the wife.

So, it was a low key birthday, but I try and make it special for him and I bought him a brand new cell phone as a gift because Logan sat on his last phone and the screen broke. I guess we should have watched the youtube video to see if it passed the bend test before we bought it. Live and learn.


Laura said...

Great blog post. Sounds like you had a good Matt birthday celebration. So glad that you could get out together. Zombie glow in the dark paintball? Actually it sounds like fun. Yes, we do change as we get older and the things that we once thought were so fun and entertaining don't seem as fun anymore. Isn't there a scripture about putting away childish things? There are different stages of life and being able to enjoy and grow from each one is part of what we do in this life. I think that we are on a fast track during the being a parent stage. We learn love, unselfishness, organization, sacrifice, forgiveness, tolerance and endurance just to name a few. Being married and having children gives us the opportunity to learn many godly attributes. Enjoy it and cherish it.

Marie said...

Yummmmmy! And fun times! Carabba's and zombie paintball=great date!