Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Post

Sarah said that I should post a new post, so here I am posting. Not much is going on right now. So, this post will most likely be lame. Blame Sarah, it is her fault.

Last Saturday Matt and DJ mowed and cleaned up the lawn. It is nice to have DJ around to do work for us... I mean... to be around. Then, we washed all of our cars because it was warm outside and all sunny and stuff. But, then I got tired and had to go lay down.

I seem to be tired all the time right now. Which is weird because I sit down at work all day and then I am all exhausted when I get home. I guess sitting around and staring at a computer is hard work.

Matt and I are going to see Indiana Jones tomorrow. I'm hoping that it will be interesting to watch. If it really sucks, I'll be sure to post about it so that the lot of you don't waste your money. Jenni Elyse seems to believe in the movie, but she does get obsessed with these things.

Last week I went to the Stephenie Myer signing at Thanksgiving Point. We waited in line a really long time and then waited even longer in our seats. But, it was fun to be in a room full of Twilight fans and to hear Stephenie answer questions about Twilight and The Host. If you haven't yet ready either of these books, do it, they are totally worth it and totally awesome. Unless you are a guy, not many guys like Twilight, though I think that guys would like the Host because it is a sci fi based book. For a synapsis and review of the book, see She writes good reviews and she is a lot more passionate about this topic than I am.

Okay, thus ends my lame post... enjoy.


Jenni Blaser said...

Ha ha! I love your post!!! It made me laugh. I do get a little obsessed, but it makes life interesting.

Yay for Stephenie Meyer last weekend and yay for Indy tomorrow!

Sarah said...

Oh, that was the best post that ever was except you didn't talk about how fabulous it is to live with me! None the less, one of your better posts. I laughed, I cried, it was better than cats.

Marie said...


Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

Tada! I found your blog! So when are we going get together again?

Becky said...

Living with Sarah is spendid... she supplies us with Mac and Cheese to steal and eat.

Jasmine said...

Hmmm....tired all the time for no reason.... I have to ask the obligatory (and somewhat sarcastic) question: are you pregnant???? ;)

BTW, I've heard that Indy's getting pretty decent reviews - not phenomenal, but still a good movie. Joel and I are probably going to go see it on Monday.

Cid said...

Indy is NOT worth seeing full-price in the theater. Seriously, see it on a matinée, but not at full-price. I came away disappointed.

Becky said...

I disagree with Cid here. I thought that Indy was a decent movie and worth watching in the theaters. It is corny and a little unrealistic, like all the other Indy movies, but it was very enjoyable.

And, no, no babies...yet.