Friday, April 24, 2009

One Month Old! Well, Almost

Nicole holds up her head so well!

Tummy Time on the Boppy 3 weeks

Cute outfit 2 weeks

Bath time 2 weeks! She loves the bath.

Nicole with Pacifier at 2 weeks

Hawaiin Nicole at 2 weeks

Well, not much has been going on right now. Me and Nicole are starting to get into a routine at home. For the past three nights she has slept for five hours straight at night. This is a huge accomplishment! I was waking up every three hours to feed her, but now I get a five hour block of sleep. I hope that it lasts. Then, Matt leaves early in the morning for work and I feed Nicole and we go back to sleep until 9 or 10am. I feel like the laziest mom because I sleep most of the day still. I'm thinking that once I am fully recovered from giving birth that the sleepiness will ebb. My day is feeding Nicole, burping Nicole, changing Nicole, and then feeding her again. Occasionally, I get to rock Nicole in the rocking chair. It is repetitive, but I love it because I love my little girl.

Hopefully, we will get to doing more things, I'm just too exhausted to do much. Nicole went on an outing with Matt and I, her first that was not a trip to the doctor's or the hospital. We went to Walmart. It was scary for me because I constantly worry that she is going to pick up diseases. But, she survived.

Well, Nicole is awake and hungry, so that is all for now.


Jasmine said...

Don't feel lazy because you sleep. Sleep is GOOD!!! I wish I had slept more (and I was sleeping several hours during the day), because now Alexis is starting to cut out naps, and I'm finding myself exhausted by 3 or 4.

She is such a cutie pie!! Her neck strength is great. Keep that up!

Jenni Blaser said...

The Hawaiian dress is so cute and she looks cute in it!

Marie said...

She's so cute! I'm excited for her to go to her first dinner party tomorrow at my house.

Sarah said...

Yay Nicoley Oley! And yay for sleeping. Sleep is good Babes, sleep the day away.