Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Interviews Bad!

I've had a couple of interviews in the past couple weeks that have just been bad. Not that I was bad or that I think I did poorly, it was the interviewer who was just bad. There should be some sort of training session for interviewers so that they can really get it right.

Interview #1: Customer Service Rep?
This job was posted as a CSR position and it was done through a temp agency. I went into the temp agency for the pre interview interview. The lady was nice enough and seemed to ask the right questions which was all well and good. Then, she tells me that the job will contain some outbound calls to people who have already called in about the product. This makes me suspicious. So, she likes me in the interview and sets me up for an interview with the company later that day and tells me to check out their website.

I get home and check out the website and the job is actually posted on the website as... Outbound Telemarketer, not customer service. Now, I don't mind answering the telephone, but I really really hate calling people. I once had a teleservay job and I quit it after two weeks. So, I call temp agency lady and say that I am not interested in this 10 bucks an hour sales job. She claims that she had no idea it was a sales job and blah blah blah scam.

Interview #2: Office Manager?
When I read the posting for this position it seems like a lot of the duties are things that I did as a receptionist. So, I apply with a cover letter describing a lot of the duties that I am familiar with from my receptionist position. I get the call for an interview and I go in. First weird thing, the door to the office is locked, but there is a doorbell. I ring the doorbell. I am escorted to a conference room. Note: There is no reception desk or receiving area in this company, you walk into a hallway.

I wait 10 minutes before anyone comes in and it is the current office manager. She is nice and friendly and tells me about the company. Actual interviewer comes in a bit later and she leaves. Fred (interviewer) is the owner and founder of the company. It is a software company that he created, an obvious computer guy. He asks me about my experience and my accounting knowledge and then proceeds to tell me that the position requires the person to do all the accounting for the company (accounting/bookkeeper position). Which, I don't have a lot of experience with, but I could learn.

Then he goes on for 15 minutes about the software that he created and how a bookstore runs(bookstore software) and blah blah blah, pretend like I'm interested, nod a lot. He asks me about my technical writing (odd because it is not relevant to the position I'm applying for). Then he says that the job may require some tech support over the phone (tech support position).

Asks me a bunch of questions about what I used to get paid and makes notes, which makes me think that he doesn't really know how much to offer someone applying for the position and is getting ideas from me. Then he tells me that the job requires taking all incoming calls and transfering them (receptionist position).

The whole interview was very weird. He obviously didn't know what kind of person he wanted for the position and it seemed like it was four jobs rolled into one and did I mention that this is a part time job? Plus, he kept pausing and just staring at me and then he would consult a paper which obviously had prefab questions on it and then ask me a question. In summation, I don't think I will be hearing back from this company.

There should be some sort of screening process for the interviewy before I have to take time out of my day and find a sitter for Nicole to go on these interviews. I just want to find the perfect job and HAVE the perfect job. Quick and easy. Alas that that is not the case. I plod along though.


Laura said...

I love reading your blogs. Little snips of real life with its joys and frustrations.

Marie said...

There's always Convergys.