Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Natural History Museum

Nicole and Dan digging for fossils

Nicole in an excavation site

Amara and Nicole building a structure and then causing an earthquake to knock it down.

This was Dano's favorite part. Their were these phones inside all of these fake trees and they told you history when you picked them up. Dano had to try all the phones in all the trees and wanted to stay there forever listening to some guy tell history. Funny kid.
The week of Spring Break, I invited myself along on my brother, Jake's, trip to the Natural History Museum. Jake and Jill have been really good in letting me hang with them more often as of late. Nicole gets along so well with their girl, Keira, and Dan plays pretty well with his cousin, Sorin. It has been so nice just spending more time with them. And, now that I am a stay-at-home mom, I can do this kind of stuff during the day.

Jill and Nicoley testing city earth quake.

My Nephews, Jacob and Sorin, and my brother Jake

This section had a glass floor with dinosaur fossils under it. Sorin was very apprehensive about walking on the clear floor.
Amara, who is 9, spent the whole time with Nicole, walking her around to all the things that Nicole wanted to look at. My sweet little niece made the whole visit so easy for me! I didn't have to worry about Nicole at all and she didn't have a single meltdown. It was like a miracle!

All I had to worry about was keeping up with Dano who was all over the place and into everything. But it wasn't so bad keeping up with just him and I had Jake and Jill as an extra set of eyes as well.

The new Natural History Museum in Salt Lake is huge. Like five floors huge. The kids loved it and didn't get bored in the two hours that we were there. It was a lot of fun, but it is super expensive. It was 11 dollars for me and 8 dollars per kid. Well, it would have been that much, but I didn't have to pay for Dan or Nicole because my brother has extra passes they were able to use.


Marie said...

Sorry I missed it. Looked like fun. And yes, that is way expensive! Oh and it's spelled Soren.

Laura said...

Wish I could have come, but I got sick for spring break. :(