Monday, August 28, 2006

Just don't know what to do with myself

I'm out of school and this is joyous, but I don't work full time and this is the opposite of joyous. So, I find myself with a lot of time on my hands. I've been advertising this time and have been trying to pawn it out to people so that my time may be filled in a more productive manner than watching massive amounts of TV on dvd. Though the second season of Veronica Mars just came out and I'm really liking it.
Now, I find myself without time again because I'm making commitments to many people during all my free time. Maybe I should have just put myself on hiadus and used all my free time to sleep and look for work. Speaking of work, if any of you lot see a technical writing position up for grabs you just let me know.
Additionally, all my reading that I had begun to catch up on, has now been put on the back burner again. Darn you alluring and addicting tv! Life is so the opposite of hard, I'm so deprived.

Until next time...


Justin said...

I think I might have some extra time laying around somewhere, you can have it if you'd like...IF the Price is Right!! COME ON DOWN!!!!

How is Bob Barker still alive? I think he is the oldest living mammal on earth.

Sarah said...

And I thought Justin had died...guess you can't win 'em all.

Becky said...

Bob Barker is the most powerful man alive.

Redurb said...

-I- am the most powerful metahuman alive! Worship my Wrath!

Justin said...

Worship your wrath? Are you sure we're not supposed to, you know, FEAR your wrath, or KNOW your wrath, or FLEE SCREAMING FROM your wrath?

I dunno, worshipping it seems kind of inconsistent to me. I mean, what would you do if I got stabbed in the foot, rub my neck with Aloe Vera?

You two stay here. If anything kills Frank, I scream the code word: Corduroy. Then you rush in.

Why the code word, cheif? Is Frank getting killed a secret?

I don't want to lose the element of surprise.

What exactly are you surprising? A hypothetical thing that's already killing Frank? Wouldn't it already know? And I think a code word is gonna be just too hard to remember in a panic situation. What happens if you get mixed up?

Bravo 3, this over-analyzation's just gonna get someone hurt.



Redurb said...

You have gone too far, Executus! Oh, and the Twin Emperors died by my hand yesterday because my Wrath was not worshipped!

Understand this, mortals, I have subdued this thread for my own purposes and NONE shall thwart me!


Justin said...

/thwart redurb

Becky said...

What the heck are you two talking about? Do the two of you need your own blog?

Justin said...

Umm....apparently we're the only ones posting on YOUR blog...I wouldn't complain.

Oh yeah, there's Sarah too...for better or worse.