Monday, February 26, 2007


I am moving a bit sooner than I expected to. I expected to move into Marie's basement the last week of my single life because I wanted to move almost all of my things into my new apartment with Matt. But, Marie found a tenant for my room a bit sooner than I expected. The new girl plans to move in a week from tomorrow, so I have to be out before then. In conclusion, I will be moving this week!
It is kinda in the realm of not fun because I have to move twice in three weeks, and I have to not live with Kelli sooner than I thought. Additionally, it makes everything seem really real because I'm actually moving and leaving my single life behind me. I feel like I should have enjoyed my time alone while I had it. I should have enjoyed my beautiful purple bedroom and my walk-in closet and my own bathroom. Granted, I will have a huge walk-in closet when I move in to My and Matt's apartment, but then I might actually feel bad about how messy my closet gets because I will be sharing it. I really love my apartment that I have been living in for the last two years, even though I have been sharing it with Jade. The person, not the dog. I am really going to miss it.
Even though I am really excited to be married to Matt and have a life with him, I am really going to miss the life that I had before. I'm going to miss my space and my own bed and my own everything. I used to share everything with my sisters and I was really happy when I had things that were my very own. I'm hoping that sharing things with Matt won't be as unenjoyable as sharing things with sisters and roommates was.
Additionally, I hate moving! I hate packing things up and having to put everything I own into boxes and then find new places for them in a new place. Plus, I'm against heaving lifting as a rule because it is difficult and sometimes painful. I'm hoping to recruit some of my much stronger sister's boyfriend to help me move furniture. (hint, hint)
I would like to give a shout out to my lovely sister Marie who has generously offered her basement to me for my use of living in and storing my stuff until my apartment becomes available. You are the bestest Marie! *raises imaginary glass*
Okay, I'm done wigging out... for the time being.


Sarah said...

Hey! Living with me was bliss and joy and you know it! And how about some "I'm sad I won't be single anymore because I won't hang out with the illustrious Baby as much."?

Becky said...

I hardly get to see you as it is. How can I see you less? I think that if there is less seeage,then it will be on the fault of you because you will be all going off to college with the busy life and all. Darn you Baby Derington!

Sarah said...

Lol, Baby, you see me more than any other member of our family, and that's only because I force myself into your life by inviting myself to hang out with you alla time. Who knows Matt best in our family...?

Mc said...

BECKY'S GOING TO STEAL MY ROOM! Marie has been SAVING that for me. And I think I left my shirt and pants there, please don't discard.

Marie said...

My house is the best!!! It's the party house and it's the everybody-should-live-there-at-least-once house!

P.S. Thanks for the shirt and pants Mike. They fit Anthon perfectly...maybe a little snug.

Becky said...

Everyone knows that Baby knows best!
I doubt that Marie has been saving the room for you Mike considering that you were planning on not coming back! But, I'm sure that she will let you stay with her when you come out for the wedding. Everyone else will be staying there.
And, maybe it is just me, but I don't think that everyone will live in your house at least once.