Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My First Valentines

This is my first Valentines Day with Matt, which makes it very exciting. It gives me an excuse to be all lovey dovey and truly revolting. I'm sickeningly in love with Matt everyday, but today I have an excuse because that is what the day is made for!

Matt is taking me out somewhere tonight. I do not know where we are going and this is perhaps better because it is all surprising. I've been instructed to dress semi-formal, so I can only guess that we are going to a monster truck show or a rodeo or something equally romantic.

Spending Valentines with the man I'm going to marry has got to be the best Valentines Day ever. I'll let you know if it holds up to my expectations.



Sarah said...

You're gross, you're lucky that you're my sister because otherwise I may have to not talk to you for a week simply because I read this post. Valentine's day is insights a large feeling of nothing inside me.

Goddess said...

Hold on a second. You put us through a tidal wave of mushy love junk, and don't even give an update afterwards?

Marie said...

Becky and I spent Valentine's together. It was fun. Oh, and our men were there too. We went dancing. I got a new, pretty watch!

Goddess said...

You see, Marie does it right.