Monday, November 23, 2009

Much, Much to Tell

So, much has occured since my last frivolous post. I told Matt a couple weeks ago that I would like a toy chest for Nicoley as I am tired of her toys being scattered around the house. So, last Saturday, Matt announced that he could probably build a toy chest with scrap wood that we had. This is the result.

This is pre hinges, but the top got hinges after the paint dried and it looks great! It is purple and matches Nicole's room and I now have a place to store her toys! I have an amazingly handy husband.

Thursday of last week the In n Out in Orem opened. Matt is a huge fan of this burger place, so we had to go on opening day to get burgers. The line was out the door and about a 30 minute wait. Getting a seat seemed more difficult than waiting in line, but we survived and got our food and a seat. It was delicious. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries and I only got this one picture of Matt, but I think you can see the excitement.

Nicole rolling around

Saturday, I went to see New Moon with my sisters. It was definitely better than the first Twilight movie. I was on team Jacob before and my place is more solidified. Yes, I know how it ends, but I've got alternate endings in my head that do not involve a weirdly named baby.

Nicole in her new Sunday dress

Then, on Saturday afternoon, Sarah had her bridal shower. My camera was still batterless, so you will have to visit Marie's blog for pictures. Sarah had a pretty good turn out and the food was really good. Mom out did herself with this one, it was great. I think that Sarah had a good time.

Sunday Matt was sick so we stayed home and lounged. I'm tired of sicknesses going around. It should just stop.

This week is Thanksgiving, so I am excited to have extra time with Matt and my family.


Marie said...

You said to go to my blog and I haven't even posted pictures of the bridal shower yet...but I will, tomorrow. Today is a New Moon post.

Jenni Elyse said...

The toy chest looks nice. I can't wait for your camera to have batteries, so we can see it with hinges. :)

I like the pictures of Nicole. They're really cute.

Sarah said...

Yay! Saturday was a great day me thinks.

Adrianne Miller said...

I really want our babies to get married to each other. Nicole Miller is an awesome name. Plus its a good store too!

Laura said...

Matt is amazingly handy. Cute toy box. Yeah where are the shower pictures Marie?

Annette said...

Matt is very handy. Lucky you. Nicole is such a cutie. I wish I could have come to the shower, but I was just home from Oregon and my brother was visiting. We'll for sure make the wedding. Love to you.

Marie said...

Rolley Polley Nicoley Olley.

Rollie Pollie Nicolie Ollie.

I couldn't decide how to spell that.