Sunday, January 10, 2010

9 months!

Nicole is now 9 months old! That is crazy to me. My little baby is all growing and growing so fast! Here are her latest stats: Weight: 20lbs (she has been sick and lost a little weight) Length: 28inches. She is a good sized little girl and healthy with the exception of the cold that we both got.

Sarah's wedding was a couple weeks ago and I never posted on it... and I probably never will. But, these are pictures of Nicole in her little dress that all the little girls wore to the wedding. The headband only stayed in long enough for me to take these pictures and then she tore it out of her hair. But, she looked super cute for like 20 minutes. Then we even took her out of the dress because it had glitter on it that kept coming off and getting onto everything. I am STILL finding glitter in her hair. So, I generously gifted the dress to her cousin Lucy, who doesn't seem to mind glitter everywhere.

Nicole has many new accomplishments and I often feel like she is no longer my baby; she is turning into a little girl. *sniff*

Nicole's words: Mama, Dada, Daddy, Yay!, Baby, Yah yah, and Hi.
Nicole can now crawl and she is fast! We thought she would start crawling at Christmas, but it was another week before she really started to get going. I have to keep an eye on her all the time! I've been baby proofing ever since she started to move around because she seems to get into everything. It has most definitely made my house cleaner.

Nicole has been watching the "Your Baby Can Read" videos and she loves them! She get excited and starts to bounce every time I turn on the dvd. She can now read Clap, Hi, Wave, and Baby. Or, I assume she can because she either repeats the word or does the action.

She is really good at her clapping and waving. She will usually perform those actions when asked. She also gives kisses. Kisses to her are putting her open mouth on my cheek, but she is pretty close.

Nicole one morning when she had crazy hair. I'm so proud of the amount of hair she has grown.

Nicole loves cherios and always wants to eat what I am eating. Unfortunately, most of the time she cannot eat what I am eating. I'm trying to get her to try chunkier fruits, but she gags most of the time when I give them to her. Matt gave her little carrot chunks the other day. The next day, I found whole carrot chunks in her diaper. She still lacks teeth, so most things go down the way they are given to her.

Nicole is pulling herself up on everything! Her favorite thing is to pull herself up using Mommy. I keep telling her that I am not a jungle gym, but she does not or chooses not to understand. She has started pulling herself up in her crib so we finally had to drop the mattress. She didn't seem to notice or care.

I think that she knows the word "no" because when I say it, she smiles and rushes to do whatever I am telling her not to do. But it is so cute that I cannot be mad at her even a little.

Her favorite thing to do is pull herself up, start clapping and say, "yay." She is very proud of her accomplishments.

When she gets upset, she immediately sticks her thumb in her mouth, looks at me and starts crying. She doesn't really suck her thumb, but she chews on it when she cries. I don't know why, but she likes to look at me and then cry. She will bonk her head and not start crying until she sees me, then she will cry. I must be bringing it out in her. She is very much a little drama queen. Figures that my daughter would be just like me.

Now that we are both better, I will be able to enjoy this age. She is so much fun and makes me laugh all the time. She is very independent and wants to do things herself. But, at the same time she is very much a mama's girl. I love seeing her grow up and learn new things, but at the same time I miss my little bitty baby. I think this is part of the evil plot that babies have. They make you love the "baby" phase so that you will always want more babies. Truly ingenius.


Jenni Elyse said...

She looks so cute in her dress. she does have so much hair now! And yay for her being able to crawl and pull herself up on things. She's growing so much!

Adrianne Miller said...

She has a lot of hair! Good job Nicole! We have been sick here too. I hate it because babies are so helpless! Jack just started clapping this weekend and it is so cute. It seems like these past months have flown by. Our babies are becoming big kids.

Jasmine said...

Wow! She is getting so big! I really enjoyed the crawling stage with Alexis. And I think you're going to have to get use to being a jungle gym--Alexis' new favorite game is to pull me down so I'm lying on my back, climbing and sitting on my stomach, and bouncing up and down. Yeah...lots of fun.

Can you pull her hair into a stick-tail yet? (That's what my friend called Alexis' pigtails before her hair got long enough for them to curl down.)