Thursday, January 21, 2010


It has finally happened! Nicole's hair is long enough to put in a little spout.

And she looks so super cute with her little spout. Now no one will mistake her for a boy.

Her hair has been growing longer and longer and I finally tried again to put her hair up. She only lets me do it some days, but it is is just too cute when she lets me and leaves it in.
This is definitely a very fun age. Some times I wish each month would last a little longer so that I could enjoy the age a little longer.
She is now crawling up the stairs and she is very proud of herself when she does it. But, of course it makes me very nervous because I fear that she will fall backward down the stairs. She doesn't know how to get down the stairs and is to afraid to try, even with Mommy's help.
She is still in her "momma's girl" phase, which can be annoying at times. She always wants me to hold her and is very afraid of other people. With the exception of Matt and my Mom, she cries when anyone else holds her. I would very much like her to get out of that phase.

She really loves to look at her scrapbook that I am making for her. It is all pictures of her as a little baby and she loves to turn the pages and kiss the baby. I am way behind on my scrapbooking. I think that it is possible that I took too many pictures of her in her first months because I haven't even scrapbooked past 2 months yet and her scrapbook is full.

I really love scrapbooking. I don't get to do it that often because Nicole doesn't love it as much as I do. My mom has a room dedicated to scrapbooking at her house, so I like to go there to do my work because all the tools I want to use are there. But, alas that I don't get out there that much.

Nicole hates riding in the car (another reason I don't go to my mom's too often). She cries on almost every car ride we take. I'm not sure if it is because she is riding backward or if she just gets bored or if she gets car sick, but I am so done with the crying in the car. I'm hoping that things will get better when we move her to the forward facing carseat. Which won't be until she is one and 25 pounds. But, I am pretty tired of lugging around 35 pounds of car seat and baby, so hopefully it happens soon.


Adrianne Miller said...

Your child is crawling? I'm so jealous. Mine can't get his big booty up in the air at all.
Those car seats get so heavy but it has been a pain getting Jack in and out of the car when he is alseep!

Jasmine said...

I love the spout! I found the easiest way to do Alexis' hair at that age was to do it while she was eating breakfast--strapped into the high chair.

We stopped toting Alexis around in the carseat (outside of the car, that is) around 7 months--unless the carseat was going right into the stroller, and even when we did that, it was only at places like Disneyland or places we were going to be over a nap time. It was just too much to carry. I couldn't wait to switch her to the forward-facing seat, either. Since my baby's a light-weight, she out-grew her infant seat height-wise about 6 lbs. before she was "ok" to go forward-facing.

I'm sorry Nicole doesn't like the car. I don't know what we would have done if Alexis didn't like the car.

Rebecca Susan said...

LOVE it!! That is one of my absolutely most favorite stages with baby girls!

Sorry about the car ride problems, but I wish you luck. Our oldest (a very BUSY baby), hated the car with a passion. At ten months old, we turned her around, forward facing in a toddler seat, and she's been an angel in the car ever since! Hope things work out that well for you. It sure makes going anywhere feel like a real chore. :(

Laura said...

I love her spout. I also love the part where she will only go to mom, dad and GRANDMA! I also remember feeling the same way about loving each stage of development and wishing it would last a little bit longer so that I could continue to enjoy it. Maybe that's why I had 7 kids so that I could enjoy the stages 7 times longer.

Marie said...

Isn't she about 25 lbs. now? She just wants a big girl seat.

Whale spout.

Jenni Elyse said...

Her spout is very cute! I also love her smile in the first picture! I can't believe how big she is now and that she's almost one.

Lisa D said...

The spouts are funny to look at and fun to play with. But if you didn't want people to think she was a boy, just get her ears pierced. That's what Mexicans do with their babies.