Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Really Late Easter Post

Despite my blogging absence, we did celebrate Easter this year. I am just super lazy and haven't posted about it in a regular amount of time.

We stayed low key this year and just had Easter at home. We were invited to celebrations at Momma Kimball's and my parent's house, but we declined because Daniel was just two weeks old. Or maybe he was one week. It is all fuzzy.
 Momma Kimball stopped by early in the morning to drop off a basket for Nicole full of little fun things like bunny ears and a pink, play cell phone. She loved it of course!
 Then, we had a little egg hunt around the house and Nicole took that very seriously. Most kids get really excited about egg hunts and smile and squeal while searching for eggs; not Nicole. Nicole took the egg hunt very seriously. She grabbed her basket and searched for eggs with a very serious face because she HAD to find them all. It was her job.
 She looked super cute in her Easter dress that Momma Kimball gave to her. Nicole loves a tutu.
 She wasn't quite tall enough to reach this egg on the handle.

 Daniel looked super cute in his little Easter outfit. I dressed him up even though I did not take him to church.
 I wanted pictures of the kids together on Easter, but Nicole isn't quite old enough to hold Daniel yet. These are the best shots that I could get.

We had a good, low key Easter. It was just nice to relax and be together as a family.

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Laura said...

Low key, relaxed holidays are a nice change now and then...especially after a baby. Glad it was a good day for you. Love the pics.