Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dan Dan Dan

This handsome little man, brings so much joy and adventure to my life. When I was pregnant with this one, I wondered how I would do a boy, I wondered if I would love my boy as much as I love my girl because I was not fond of little boys. They were dirty and rowdy and loud and violent. But this sweet boy, made me realize how much I love my baby boy.

Dan is sweet. He is a snuggler and a hugger and loves to snuggle with his mama and I love it too! He loves his sister so much and just follows her around the house and tries to play with her (much to Nicole's dismay). "Mama! Dan is following me!"

Dan is almost 15 months and he is so very physically active. Nicole at 15 months had just learned to walk. Dan at this age is running, climbing, jumping, and all over... everything. Dan can run faster than Nicole can... right now. This is probably because Dan is fearless. He runs full tilt with no fear of falling. Nicole is a careful runner. She runs with determination and is very exact.

Dano is such a good eater. He eats almost anything that we put in front of him and he loves to eat. Which is such a change for us as Nicole is such a picky eater. For Nicole, eating a necessity, for Dan, it is a fun activity.

Dan's favorite food is macaroni and cheese (no shock there).
His favorite drink is milk. He is a milk lush! He still drinks at least three bottles a day.

Dan has gotten really good at going down the stairs forwards. He is desperate to go down like his older sister, so he clings to the rails and walks down the stairs. Even though we tried to prevent him from doing this because he has fallen down the stairs so many times.

Dan's vocabulary is... limited. His understanding is great, but his speech is small. I think he is so focused on getting places and doing things, that speech just does not matter to him. Whereas Nicole, had 30 words at this age, but had just learned to walk. Dan can run, but only has a handful of words.

Here are Dan's words: Ball, Baby, Bottle, Balloon, Book (which all sound exactly the same, "bah"), Mama, Dada, Dooey (that is Coley), Up ("bup"), More ("mah"), and Down ("Dah").

The only clear word that we hear from Dan that has all the correct syllables and vowels is Buh Bye. He says this all the time. He goes to the door and says, "Buh Bye." Or hands me my shoes and says it. He loves this word. He used to say "Hi" but now he won't say it any more, he only says bye.

Dan likes tv, but doesn't love it like Nicole does. Dan's favorite shows are: Seasame Street, Potty Power, and Yo Gabba Gabba. All other shows he ignores and doesn't take interest in.

Dan is a happy boy. He is such an easy child to take care of. He is laid back and happy and there is not a lot of drama. He is very active and tires me out and has made me baby proof more than I ever needed to with Nicole, but that isn't as hard to deal with as I thought it would be.

Weight: 23lbs (30%)
Length: 31.5 (60%)
Head: 18.5 (40%)

I love my little Dan Man.


Marie said...

Dano is such a cutie pie. He's a good balance for your family. Little boys are awesome.

Sarah said...

I love little boys! They are so fun. I would never want anything other than the little boy I have now. Dano sounds like such a fun little guy...I need to spend time with him asap.

Laura said...

Dan is growing up so fast! Whether you have boys, girls, or both, children are an amazing and wonderful spice to life.