Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Ever since Nicole was 1, we have put her in swimming lessons every summer. This year, we got to put Nicole AND Dan in swimming lessons. This is Nicole's first year doing the lessons by herself (without a parent by her side) and this is Dan's first year doing it ever.

After the beach debacle, we knew we were in for it with the swimming lessons. Dan hates swimming. He even hates the kiddy pool in our backyard. He screams and cries and desperately tries to get away from the water. Nicole also has water fear.

But, we knew that swimming lessons would be good for them and get them used to and comfortable with the water. We hope that it will help them conquer their fears.

I was able to go to the first lesson with them because I had the day off from work (because it was the day we came back from Bear Lake). So, I got to take some pictures of the kids during their swim lessons. But, the quality is bad because I was taking pictures from the side of the pool and was quite far away, so the flash did nothing.

Dan swam with his Daddy and cried the whole time. The pool toys made him happy for a very little bit, but then he was back to crying. He kept shivering too, so we think a lot of his tears are due to being too cold even though the pool is heated.

We bought him a little swim shirt after the first day and he did a little be better the second day because he was a little bit warmer. But, he still cries during lessons. That's okay though, it is good for him.

Nicole hugged the steps. She didn't mind being alone with her class, but she did not want to get off those steps and she kept getting into the pool toys before it is time. Her teacher kept having to put the toys in the basket and try to get Nicole off the steps.

Eventually, her teacher did get her off the steps, though Nicole was then plastered to her teachers side and would not let go of her.

But eventually, Nicole got involved and did really well. Until it was time to go. The second she saw Matt and I (because I made myself scarce during her lessons so that she would do it on her own), she started crying. She said, "You left me! I couldn't see you and I was alone!" We tried to tell her that we were there, and watching her, but she was so hurt that we had left her and she couldn't see us.

Since her first day, she has done a lot better and now cries when she has to leave the pool because she is having so much fun.

They have more lessons next week. I hope the kids are better in the water by the end of it.


Andrea said...

We've used these baby wet suits for all our kids. I have one that you can borrow if you want. Right now it's to big for Lexi and Chris doesn't need it.

Marie said...

That's good that they are getting better each time. I'm sure they will both learn to love the water.

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear that they are learning to enjoy the water. Good parents.