Tuesday, July 03, 2012


I came home from work the other day and Matt was downstairs and I heard Dan upstairs. I went upstairs and heard him in the bathroom, which is not allowed because he gets into everything in there. He loves to unroll the toilet paper. But, when I went in the bathroom, he wasn't getting into the toilet paper... he was standing IN the toilet.

But why is he naked you ask? Because as soon as I saw him splashing and stomping in the toilet, I grabbed him, stripped him and set him in the tub, then I realized that I couldn't let this go without a picture. So, being the awesome mother that I am, I put Dan back in the toilet, much to his delight and then took a picture of him.

I did bathe him after that and sterilize the toilet and the surrounding areas as Dan had splashed toilet water everywhere.

This is proof that I have a boy. This boy is a rascal and gets into everything. He is adventurous and curious and does things that I never had to deal with with Nicole. Nicole was afraid of the toilet until we potty trained. She NEVER would have played in the toilet. Just goes to show that boys are very different from girls.


Jasmine said...

Bahahahahahaha!!!! This made me laugh so hard. Boys are awesome. :)

Marie said...

Naked baby! So much for not feeling posty. Kids always give you something to post about.

Krista said...

That is awesome!!!! I like Dan!!!

Laura said...

A boy is a boy is a boy. And Dan is certainly an adventurous boy. I think I would make sure the toilet is cleaned regularly with Dan around. :)