Sunday, March 17, 2013


So, a few weeks ago, Dano was playing with his piggy bank that he got for Christmas. I asked Dano to give it to me and he held it up for me. I reached down to grab it and then Dano threw it down on my right foot... and broke the piggy bank... and then there was a lot of pain.

My foot hurt so bad I had to immediately leave the room because I don't usually like crying in front of the kids; it makes them too sad. I elevated my foot and put ice on it, but it still looked like this.

These pictures do not do it justice. I literally looked like a golf ball size bump on top of my foot. It hurt so bad that I was sure it was broken. So, we called Matt's sister to take care of the kids and we headed off to the ER to get it looked at because it really hurt.

It was really quite painful, but they X-rayed it and determined that it was not broken. The piggy bank just broke a bunch of blood capillaries and the blood pooled up in this big golf ball sized bump. I think the bone was also bruised because it has been four weeks since this incident and the foot still hurts.

I was on crutches for three days and used a cane for weeks but now I am finally back on my own feet with nothing to aid me in my walking. I neglected to get pictures of the gnarly bruise that it left but just imagine my whole foot as a big ol' purple bruise and you will get the idea.

So the moral of the story? Don't give porcelain piggy banks to a one year old. They are not responsible enough to handle it. Also, if you are going to the hospital in your flood pajamas, make sure your legs are shaved.


Jasmine said...

Yeouch is right! I'm glad you're starting to feel better. I think (as a mom) foot injuries and back injuries have got to be the hardest to deal with.

Marie said...

It's good we can laugh about it now. But definitely not funny at the time.