Sunday, September 08, 2013

Dinosaur Museum

My sister-in-law, Jill, has season passes for Thanksgiving Point and can get guests in at half price. So, she was kind enough to come with us to the Dinosaur Museum. I went when Nicole was a little baby on the two dollar tuesday thing that they do in August and it was awful. So full of people that it wasn't even remotely fun. But, this time we went after school started so it was fairly empty of people because everyone's kids were in school and it was a lot of fun.

Plus, now that Dano and Nicole are older, they have a lot more fun with this kind of stuff. They can actually appreciate the exhibits and the activities available at kid venues.

Nicole loves her cousin Keira who is almost a year older than she is.

They have a new exhibit called Tinkering that has a bunch of different contraptions that are scientific.
You are suppose to rest the spoon on the spokes of the wheel while it turns to hear the clink clink of the tire spinning. Instead, Dan banged the spoon on the spinning wheel and it was super loud.

Dano loved this wind tunnel. He kept laughing every time something went flying. He is so funny.
My favorite thing in the tinkering exhibit was the shadow photo booth. You stand in front of a screen in a dark booth, the light flashes and your shadow is stuck to the wall behind you. It was a lot of fun getting in different positions and watching the shadow stick to the wall.

Dano loved buidling this dinosaur. But he didn't like the other kids building it. He kept getting upset when the other kids took off the pieces that he put on.

Matt and Cole built this magnetic dinosaur.

Jill and I built this one. It was surprisingly hard and very fun.

I think they put in this dino statue just so parents could take pictures of their kids sitting on it. And the kids went right to it like they knew what it was for.

Here are Jill and Soren (who is Dano's age)

Nicole was just barely tall enough for the big kid water table.

Dano wouldn't put on the apron all the way. He had to have one arm out and free.
We spent a couple of hours at the museum and it was a lot of fun. It is really nice that Matt was able to come with us since we went on a week day when he doesn't work. I often feel like we are on the opposite schedule of everyone else in the world. The weekends are times for work and weekdays are times for play.

I would definitely go again... if I got the discount. It is actually really expensive. And even though it is cool, I wouldn't say that it is cooler then say... the discovery museum, which surprisingly costs less. Oh Thanksgiving Point, no wonder you are successful.

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Sarah said...

Looks like funsies. That place is expensive. I feel like I went there once for some reason...and then never again because I never wanted to pay the price.