Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Back on Pioneer Day, we had Marie and Anthon and Johnny and Krista over for dinner and then we did sparklers afterward. We had a bunch of left over sparklers from the fourth and we wanted to use them before the allotted firework window had passed.

Johnny and Krista were not that interested in sparklers (weird right?).

Krista is all pregnant and tired all the time and she fell asleep

Johnny played on his phone. Apparently kid games are boring for non kid couples

what ya mee mee da dat
So, we brought the kids outside to do sparklers and Nicole and Damon were really excited and Dano was really scared. He wanted me to hold him the whole time, but after he saw Nicole and Damon running around with the sparklers and having fun, he decided to try it, but he was still tentative about the whole holding fire thing.


Marie said...

Breaking the fire! Yeah, kid stuff isn't fun until you have kids. Then it's the most fun thing ever to watch your kids have fun

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure Krista was falling asleep in random places before she was preggo. Yay for Pioneer Day! They don't have that here.