Monday, November 18, 2013

Family Photos

Because I am the worst Mommy ever, I haven't gotten professional photos of my family in two years. Last year I bought a new camera instead of buying new family pics. I love my new camera, but I felt like it was time to get some family pics this year. Plus, my photographer friend Jasmine now lives in Utah which means she could totally take our pictures.

You can check out her photography website here.

Jasmine did an awesome job taking our pics for a totally reasonable price (cuz she was running a holiday special). Check it out.

We took the pics in this really pretty orchard and I love the way they turned out. Jasmine was so good with my kids! Which is not an easy thing with Nicole's anxiety and Dano's need to pull out grass by the handfuls. I am so pleased. She will definitely be my photographer again next year.


Marie said...

Great pics!! That one of Dano squishing his face is PRECIOUS!!! Cute pics and cute family!

Rebecca Susan said...

Wonderful photos! Although, you are not the worst mama ever. We have -never- had family photos taken. Keilana got some quick shots done at Walmart when she was 8 weeks old. That's as far as we've ever gotten. And I have two professional photographers in my family. *hangs head in shame*

Sarah said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Matt has a little clone and you have a little clone! I wish I had a photographer friend here in Alby...and an orchard.

Laura said...

Beautiful pics! They turned out great. Loved the squishy face one of Dan. Thanks for sharing.