Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Outside Fun

Over the summer, Nicole got really into this show called "Peep and the Big Wide World," which features kids doing various science experiments. Nicole really wanted to try this one where you freeze things in ice and then pour hot water on them to melt the ice.

I put Mr. Potato Head parts in Dixie Cups and froze them. Then I cut off the cups and we took the ice blocks outside.

The kids were interested for a few minutes but when the ice cubes weren't melting fast enough, they gave up and let the sun melt them. It wasn't as entertaining a project as Nicole wanted it to be.

So we started doing other things while waiting for the sun to melt the cubes. Like watering the tree.

And watering our brothers.

Until they finally melted... and Dan was sad.

And then we raced cars down the slide cuz that is the logical thing to do.

And we saw a snake that lives under our porch. It was a big day.

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Marie said...

Kids are so fickle. That's a pretty long snake!