Saturday, January 25, 2014

11 Weeks

Remember how I didn't take pictures of myself during my Dano pregnancy because I was embarrassed by how large I was and then that was totally lame. Good thing I have recovered from that and I totally want to document how huge I am going to get with twins right?

So, I have started to swell earlier than is normal for my pregnancies and you can already see a little baby bump... or a big baby bump depending on who you are asking.

I will start with how the babies are doing. Baby 1 and Baby 2 (as they will be called until we know gender) are doing great. I had an ultrasound this week and they both had arms and legs and heartbeats and were wiggling around in there like little sea monkeys (I don't know what sea monkeys actually look like).

We did the ultrasound with my brother Norm and Nicole figured out what was going on as soon as we got there. Norm started doing the ultrasound and Nicole asked, "Are we looking at a dead baby?" Because she remembered the last time we did an ultrasound with Norm and I had to explain to her that the baby's heart had stopped. But this time, I said, "Nope, that baby is alive, it has a heart beat." Then she got all excited. Then, when Norm was showing us both babies at the same time, Nicole said, "Wait! There are two babies in there." I said, "Yeah, there are two babies." And she said, "Twins? It is just what I wished for." She was very happy excited to learn that we are expecting two babies. She is very concerned about the status of the babies. She keeps asking, "Are there STILL two babies in your tummy?" It is sweet.

Dano is completely indifferent to the babies. He just knows, "Don't kick Mommy because there's babies in her tummy."

Here is how I am feeling at 11 weeks...

Food cravings: Barbeque sauce, meat, blueberries, and granola... but not all together.

Food aversions: Pizza, pasta, and asian food of any kind.

Nausea: Only in the second half of the day. It usually starts around 2pm.

What Hurts: Pains in my abdomen as my organs continue to try and find their new home. Cramping as my uterus expands twice as fast as usual.

Sleep: Falling asleep is hard because I get worried at night but once I am asleep, it is great... until one of my kids wakes up in the night.

Movement: Not yet.

Gender: Unknown... we could get anything... and everything.

What I am looking forward to: No more nausea. Come on second trimester.

What I miss: Fish. I want fish (weirdly) but I can only have very little bits of it. And I miss sane Becky. I often feel like an emotional crazy person.


Jasmine said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you're having TWINS! :)

I crave fish like crazy when I'm preggo, too! It must be because you can't have it. (Although, I checked and double checked each time I was pregnant, and sushi is a-ok. That's good for me, because I am a sushi fiend, especially when growing another human.)

Laura said...

Just remember, this is all TEMPORARY. Growing another human being...or two, will affect your body, emotions, mental fact everything. But it is all temporary, so ride out the storm and look forward to the beautiful sunrise when you will welcome two new beautiful Kimball babies into the world. And your mind, body and emotions will all go back to normal.

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

You are so cute! I've been craving fish. I figure I can have a little bit every week, so I will go a few weeks without it, then not worry about it if I eat more than I'm supposed to. Justification!! Hopefully my baby won't come out with 3 eyes or anything for me to feel guilty about. Maybe I should reconsider my position on fish..

Marie said...

Yay for preggo pics! It will be cool to see how huge you get! I miss sane Becky too.