Monday, January 27, 2014

Remember Christmas?

Even though I am a month late, Christmas totally happened. We were sick, but it occurred. I am just late in posting because I have been sick with growing two babies for a while now.

We went to see Santa at the Riverwoods because you can take pictures with him for free. You just have to bear the cold to go and see him. No big.

Luckily, neither child was afraid of Santa this year. They just sat on his lap and Nicole asked for a turtle (which she did not get) and Dano didn't ask for anything. He just looked at me like, "Why have you placed me on this man's lap?"

Christmas eve, we went to Jake and Jill's for Derington Christmas dinner. Even though I was feeling crummy, it was fun to be with my family. Last year, only I went because the kids were too sick to go.

Christmas morning was full of tears. Even though the kids got some great stuff for Christmas, I suspect that it was a little overwhelming getting a bunch of gifts at once. Or maybe it is just difficult to watch your sibling open a gift and you want it so bad.  Difficult to say.

And that is the only picture of me on Christmas morning because I was behind the camera. That is Nicole modeling her new robe which at first she hated and then she eventually loved after we forced her to try it on. Kids!

Christmas evening, we went to our Kimball family dinner at Momma Kimball's and it was funish. The kids were still emotional about... everything, so it involved a lot of tears... again. Christmas was a day of tears for us. The day after Christmas was a lot better.

We had fun even though it was emotional and I was sick, but we all survived.

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