Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why I Hate Mondays

So, for Baby's Birthday, we decided to take her laser tagging. I love laser tag because it is competitive, not to difficult and I am usually good at it. Well, my skill was greatly overated in my own mind last night.

We were playing, about 12 minutes into the game, and I got up on one of those sniper steps two shoot down the little guys, but after I stood there for about four seconds, I realized that there were only five us in the game and only two people on the other team. So, in genius like fashion, I stepped off the big scary step onto the dark and cavernous floor and for reasons unknown, my foot rolled, I twisted my ankle and I fell to the floor, hitting my elbow in the process.

I yelled of course and people came a running to my rescue and though I lobbyed for a continuation of the game, we momentarily stopped. I just marvel at my own stupidity for falling as I did. Darn me and my lack of coordination! The sad thing was that I was in fourth place even before I fell and hurt myself.

Well, the game did continue, after my shoulder sensors were turned off to give me an advantage, and the game went muchly better for me. I was more difficult to hit and therefore took advantage of that, limp and all. The girls won both rounds and Baby got MVP. I got second in the second half of the game and that was pleasant.

I'm still all gimpy this morning and my ankle is fatalicious, but I had a good time nonetheless. We all may now mock me and my gimpiness.


Justin said...

Commence mocking laughter.



Becky said...

I mock you with my monkey pants.

Justin said...

Here, watch this while you're being mocked, gosh.