Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Trip the to Hospital

So, it turns out that when you throw up a bunch of times and then you pass out a bunch of times and have a very high fever, you (or me to be more specific) get a fun trip to the hospital!
Hospitals are the opposite of fun. They stick you with needles to put an allegedly "needed" IV in and then they pump you full of really cold liquid. Mean.
Matt, my Mom and Kelli were nice enough to stay with me for hours and hours in the hospital instead of sleeping, in really uncomfortable chairs. Such troopers!

I was finally sent home only to go insane and not know where I was and flail at the people around me. The flailing and shaking eventually subsided and I realized that I was in my own bed.

I'm feeling slightly better today, eating slightly solid foods and everything.

In conclusion, I'm sick and I blame the child Amara for she was sick first. Now Matt is sick and I'm going to attempt to take care of him while I am on the mend.


Sarah said...

HA ha! All you sickies! Mom got sickers too! Pretty much I think illness is mind over matter. I'm rather determined not to get sick at all, so I'm fairly sure that I shall not even though I spent vast amounts of time with all the sick people. I'm amazing, I'm like a superhero. I'm...Immunity Girl! Feel better Baby and Matt.

Goddess said...

Sarah, I give you 4 days before you get it too. Maybe 3. Pride always goeth before the fall (or faint, whatever).

Becky said...

Sarah never got it and now I'm going to have to hate her forever. Plus, I'm sick again with a cold. I hate my lack of immune system.