Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things

So, I did this for a Facebook tag, but I thought I would put it here too. Here are 25 random things about me. Some of them are weird, some are pregnancy specific, but they are all true.

1. I like to eat candy in even numbers. I don't have to, I just like to. I can bite a single candy in half so that I have a pair of things in my mouth and I'm okay.

2. I never drink the bottom of a bottle or can of liquid. I blame my sister Marie for this.

3. I enjoy being spoiled. If no one will spoil me, then I'll spoil myself. I feel that I am that important.

4. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do with my husband. I don't like cooking as much when I'm doing it alone, but I love to do it if Matt is there with me.

5. I love board games more than most things. If people are invited over to my house, I make them play board games with me because I only get to play when people come over.

6. I'm competitive, like the other members in my family. If someone wins too much when playing games at my house, they don't get invited back.

7. I really dislike pregnancy. I love my baby who is growing and growing, but I dislike the fact that I have to carry her.

8. When I say I'm doing "okay," what I really mean in "not okay." But, people don't usually want to hear that, so I redefined the word.

9. I love getting my picture taken. I especially love it if my sisters are in the photo with me. But, I prefer face only shots to full body shots.

10. My ideal job would be to design clothes. But, it probably will never happen because I don't actually know how to create patterns and stuff.

11. I have a scarf obsession... or maybe it is a tassel obsession. I love tassels and scarves have tassels, so we go well together. My husband is not too fond of my obsession.

12. I like to talk on the phone while I'm driving. I think it is because I get bored in the car. I need more books on tape to keep me occupied.

13. I have a tv addiction. I love watching tv shows. I follow so many, but I'm always looking for new shows to pick up.

14. DVR is the best thing that was ever invented. As much as I love tv, I hate commercials, and I hate being limited in my evening activities because I have to watch a certain show. DVR has made me much more social and much more likable to other people.

15. I hate it when people talk during a tv show that I like. Especially when it is an intense or sad moment. It ruins the moment for me and makes me not like the person. DVR has supplied me with a pause button which makes it managable, but I prefer that people don't talk.

16. My best friends are my sisters. They know me, they understand me, and they accept me for who I am.

17. Usually, I love to read. I try to read 50 books a year. But, while pregnant, I really don't like to read. I just don't know why that is.

18. I hardly ever style my hair because it takes too much time. I'll take the time to do my makeup and eat breakfast in the morning, but if something has to give, it is the time I would have spent styling my hair.

19. My least favorite chore is vacuuming. I know it is suppose to be one of the easiest things, but I hate it. I would rather do the dishes or clean the bathroom. Matt vacuums for me.

20. I used to be a Buffy fanatic. I've grown past my Buffy crazed days, but I've been to conventions, oh yes, I have.

21. I hate talking to strangers. If I have to call a company for some reason, I really try to get other people to do it for me cuz I don't want to. Plus, I don't like returning things because I don't want to talk to a stranger.

22. I occasionally change my handwriting just to try something new. Sometimes I see someone else's handwriting and I like it, so I try to mimic it.

23. I also mimic other people's laughs. If I'm around someone often enough, I'll start to laugh like them. I'm not really sure why. Maybe someday I will find my own laugh.

24. I don't like chicken... well, right now anyway. But, I remember liking chicken.

25. I really hate stupid people. They make me want to tell them how stupid they are. Then, they get their feelings hurt and I know that I'm suppose to feel bad, but I don't because they should never have been stupid in the first place.


Jasmine said...

I hated chicken when I was pregnant, too. And I know a few other people who were the same. I wonder what it is about chicken that makes pregnant women go "blech".

Marie said...

Good idea. I'm going to post mine on my blog too...right now.

Adrianne Miller said...

Do you not drink the end part of liquids because it's supposedly saliva only? I heard that and with out fail, I think about it when finishing a drink.