Thursday, February 19, 2009

Every Single Day the Same Arrangement

Life has become a little monotonous lately. Which is better than crazy and awful I guess. Because I'm at the end of my pregnancy here, I am feeling less than wonderful more than a small amount of the time. So, I go to work in the mornings, suffer through the day, and am exhausted and in pain by the time I get home. I suffer because of the baby, not because of the work. I really love my job, I just don't love how very uncomfortable being pregnant makes me. By the end of the work day, I hate my chair because I cannot get comfortable in it.

Then, once I'm home, all I want to do is lay down and put my swollen feet up. So, Matt makes me dinner and I lay down until I fall asleep. I feel really lame. Like I should still be having a life even though I'm enormously pregnant, but I just don't have the energy to do it. Thus, life seems monotonous.

We usually go and see Ree and Anthon once a week or once every two weeks, but they are all kid having currently. I don't currently have the patience for children. I really don't have much patience for adults either, but children are worse. And, kids cry when I get all frustrated and speak sternly to them. Yep, I'm going to make an awesome mom. At least when I snap at adults they just ignore me. Or maybe they go in the other room and cry, it is difficult to say. I don't think I'm handling the end of pregnancy hormones well.

Plus, I miss my Baby. She is all boyfriend having now and I see her so much less. Plus she has school and work. She is a very busy baby. But, she made time to come and borrow some shoes from me last night. What a good baby.


Marie said...

Too many babies. That last paragraph would be confusing for people that don't know you call your sister "Baby."

When the kids leave we should have another dinner. It's our turn to have it at our house. I'll start thinking of meat dishes I can make.

Jasmine said...

Monotony is moderation. I could say "enjoy it while it lasts because once the baby comes it won't be around anymore", but I'd be lying. There are the occasional crazy days, but most of the time (especially if you get your baby on a good schedule) it's pretty much the same routine each day. But it's a little more enjoyable when it's with a little one--not so boring. :) (And not so 9-months-pregnant-uncomfortable either.)

Sarah said...

Sorry I don't get to see you as much Babes :( School is le crappy. I see you Sunday though! :) Feel betters, call me if your sick of monotony, I'll...talka to you on the phone. Loves.

william said...

And this too shall pass. Monotony can be good compared to chaos, stress and anxiety. You are experiencing new phases in your life. They are all good and normal even though they are uncomfortable. Embrace them and look for the good things about them. The best is yet to come. Look how awesome you turned out. I wouldn't give up one minute of your babyhood/childhood.

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

"I go out and fight the fight". Only that goes with night instead of day... And this would have been commented on a long time ago if was actually good at checking email these days.