Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Josh and Nancy

Meet my good friends, Josh and Nancy.

Josh and Nancy have been married 7 years and are hoping to adopt. http://joshuanancyadopt.blogspot.com/

I have known Josh since I was a kid as his mom and my mom are best friends.  Josh met Nancy while I was in Hawaii for college and I was able to attend their reception when I was home for Christmas break in 2003. I have since then gotten to know Nancy and love her for her joyful personality.

Josh and Nancy are like my extra brother and sister. They have been there for every major event in my life. They are there for all the family holidays, birthdays, and are even in the family pictures at my wedding. I love them very much.

Josh is a soft spoken sweetheart who loves animals, sports, and Nancy. Nancy is what I like to call a "pocket Nancy" as she is so petite that I am sure I could fit her in my pocket. She is very athletic, loves animals, and is always kind to everyone.  Her personality totally fits her size.

I love Josh and Nancy so much and I can't think of a couple that are more deserving to be parents. So, if you know anyone who is looking for a couple to place their baby with, or if you know someone who knows someone... who knows someone, think of my dear friends Josh and Nancy.  And, check out their blog http://joshuanancyadopt.blogspot.com/

To get an idea of the kind of people that Josh and Nancy are, here is a letter they have written to their future birth mother.

Our Promise To The Birthmother

We love you and pray for you.  You are a child of God.  He watches you, loves you and wants you to do the right thing for you and your baby.  If we have learned one thing in our short lives, it is that our Father in Heaven knows us, loves us and if we allow him, will guide us and help us in every aspect of our lives.  He has a plan of happiness for all of his children and will do all that He can to help us attain the ends of that plan.

Life is so beautiful.  You are beautiful.  The child inside of you is a gift from God.  As you make a decision that we cannot comprehend, please know this:  if you choose to place you baby with us we promise to do all we can do be a good father and mother to that precious child.  We promise to teach and lead with love.  And we promise that they will always know, respect and admire you for the amazing person that you are.

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