Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Poor Baby

Dan hasn't been sleeping well the last few nights. He has woken up coughing every night for four days, but he is a happy boy during the day so I thought maybe it was a teething cough. It got worse yesterday and his appetite decreased and he was super fuss face, so I made him a doctor appointment.

It turns out that Dan has the croup and a double ear infection. My poor baby! I had no idea that it had escalated that much. I hate it when I am a powerless parent who cannot interpret or diagnose my baby when he isn't feeling well. Hopefully, with medication, Dan will be feeling well again soon.

I wish I were home to squish him and kiss his baby face.

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Marie said...

Oh no! That's crazy. I wonder if Damon ever had something really bad like that, but I never knew it because I didn't bring him to the doctor.