Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Praying for Emmett

This sweet, little, 1.5 year old boy was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. His name is Emmett and he is related to my sister Sarah's husband. My prayers are with this sweet little boy and his family. To read more about his story, go here.

My heart hurts when I think about the things this little baby boy has to face when he has only lived such a short amount of time. I cry for the parent's as they go through something that I can't and don't want to imagine. I've never met this boy or his family, but I'm a mother, I know how much I love my children, I can imagine that these parent's love their child just as much as I love mine. So, I hurt for them and I feel love and compassion for this family, though I do not know them.

I can't seem to get this family out of my head. I try not to think about it because it only makes me sad, but then I keep coming back to it. So, I thought I would post something for them while I keep them in my prayers. And, if you, my blog readers, could keep this family in your prayers too, I think that it could only help.

I just keep thinking, this boy is only a few months older than my Dan. That is just not enough time, not enough life. As I am working, I miss a lot of moments in my children's lives, but I think, "I still have the rest of their lives with them, I will get to see more and do more with them when I return home." And then I hear Emmett's story and I think, "I have to cherish these little babies of mine because this time is precious." So, I kissed the head of my baby Dan and my little Nicole and I squeezed them tight and told them I loved them. And then, I said a prayer for Emmett.

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Sarah said...

Thank you, Becky! I told Micah and Katy that my whole family is praying for them, and they are so grateful.