Friday, October 26, 2012

Norwex Party

So, last night I went to a Norwex party at my Mom's house. What is a Norwex party you ask? It is one of those parties that you go to and someone tries to sell you stuff. I usually never go to these... ever. For multiple reasons. First, because I always thought it was weird to invite people over to you house to buy stuff. Second, because I always end up buying stuff. I am a sucker for a good pitch.

But, I skipped the first Norwex party that I was invited to and this one was actually on the only night that I actually CAN go out because Matt gets home from school at 7pm and can therefore watch the kids so that I can go out. So, I went. And of course, I was sucked in to the coolness of the product.

Here is what I bought.

The dusting mitt

The enviro cloth

The window cleaner
Why are these so special you ask? They look like regular cleaning towels. Well, these cleaning towels are laced with... silver. Weird right? Why would you want silver in your cleaning towels? Well, because silver is an organic, antibacterial agent.

So, instead of using cleaners to antibacterial my counters and table and stove, all I do is get the cloth wet, wipe my counter and it is sanitized. With only water!

Matt and I have been trying to go more organic and buying food and products with more natural ingredients because I do not think it is a coincidence that cancer is on the rise. I feel like the move toward chemicals to fix our foods and to clean our houses has something to do with the increase in cancer. I just don't think anyone knew about it because it takes so long to see the effects of it. Maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm wrong, but as I have become a parent I feel the need to protect my children as much as possible; hence the organic switch.

Anyway, when an organic option to keeping my kitchen sanitized was presented to me, I wanted it. The presentation was very enticing. The consultant wiped raw chicken on a surface, then swabbed it for bacteria (which turned pink). Then, she wiped it with the Norwex cloth and swabbed it again (no pink!). It really does work.

There were a lot of different products and I had to refrain myself from buying more. There were a few things that I wanted, but refrained from purchasing. Because well, I just don't know if I could justify spending a large portion of our monthly budget on cleaning supplies.

Body wash towels
These body wash towels replace your soap and sponge in your shower or bath. Yes, you heard me, no soap. It cleanses your body and gets the bacteria out of your pores. It helps with skin rashes, sanitizing cuts, and even helps clear up acne.
Mattress spray
The mattress spray sanitizes your mattress and kills dust mites living in your mattress. It even repels future dust mites from moving in to your mattress for 6 months. It has been known to help people who wake up with allergy problems every day. Matt has allergies and has problems most mornings with being stuffy and having a sore throat. I am actually allergic to dust mites, and am stuffy every morning. I wanted to get this to see if it would improve our health, but I am going to try out my Mom's first. If it works, I'll buy a bottle of my very own.

It was tough restraining myself from buying lots and lots of stuff. But, one thing that helped me refrain was that if I host my very own Norwex party, I can get a lot of stuff for free. I would get the body towels and a credit for free stuff for myself.

But, upon thinking about having my own Norwex party, I realized that I don't have a lot of friends. My friends from high school and college do not own their own homes, so I don't think that they are willing to invest in cleaning supplies. And, I don't really have a lot of mommy friends because I'm a working mom. I have working friends, but our relationship has not ventured outside of the work place. I have family, but most of my family went to my Mom's party. I just don't know if I am "popular" enough to pull in 5 people to see a Norwex presentation. It is sad really. Raise your hand if you would come to my house, eat yummy treats and listen to a presentation on organic cleaning products.


Sarah said...

If it happens around Christmastime I'm there!

Marie said...

I'd go again....even though it would be my 4th Norwex party. And I have a friend that might come with me.

Laura said...

I'd come too.