Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkin Land!

Yesterday we went to Pumpkin Land! We go every year and in the past it hasn't been a lot of fun. Pumpkin Land '11. Pumpkin Land '10. But, this year was much better. We chose to go after naps rather than before naps because Nicole has had problems in the past with being too tired and then not having fun.

We went with Marie again this year and actually got to spend time with her there because I went and picked her up. In the past, she arrived later than us and we always had to leave early because Nicoley broke down.

Nicole had a fun time this year and actually enjoyed Pumpkin Land. But, what was really surprising was how much Dano loved it. He was SO excited! We actually did the corn maze this year and Dan was ahead of all of us racing through the corn stalks or holding my hand and dragging me along.

Dan tripped and fell in the dirt multiple times, but he just brushed himself off and kept on going. So very different from Nicole cries and breaks down if she gets dirt on her. Dan was just covered in dirt and he did not care.

Here is a pic of Cole in the Maze the last three years.
Nicole '12

Nicole '11

Nicole '10
And Dano the last two years.

Dan '12
Dan '11
 Holy cow they grow up fast!

Well we loved Pumpkin Land and actually got to look at everything this year. Now, tons of pictures.
Dan loved the chickens.

Nicole and Damon really loved the bunnies (not pictured). Damon kept saying, "More bunnies." And Nicole almost had a melt down in the corn maze because there were no bunnies in the maze.

See Damon smiles! Why won't my kids smile for pics?


Marie said...

That was a fun little outing. All the kids did well and enjoyed it.

Lisa D said...

Oh my goodness, Dan is so big! It looks like you had a lot of fun.

Jasmine said...

Fun! I'm glad the kiddos enjoyed it this time around. (And I'm guessing Dan will ALWAYS have a little bit of dirt on him somewhere -- he's a boy.)